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US Open 2017: Crowds at Erin Hills Golf Course looked on in disbelief as the aircraft could be seen falling from the sky near the venue.

Local media reports and video footage of the crash shared on social media indicated a fire on board the blimp before it fell to earth.

Witnesses quoted by local media said it appeared the pilot had parachuted out of the blimp.

us open golf 2017


We were watching a group finish on 18 and beyond the green we saw the blimp falling,” witness Adam Johnson told the local Action 2 news network. US Open Golf 2017, US Open Golf 2017 live, US Golf Open 2017, US Open Golf, US open championship 2017, US Open 2017, US Open 2017, start time, leaderboard, & results.

“It appears the pilot parachuted out. There is smoke rising from the site.”

The incident happened at around 11.55am with the opening round of the season’s second major under way at Erin Hills.

A statement from the US Golf Association confirming details of the crash said the blimp was not affiliated with the tournament or the US Open broadcast.

When any of us start to play golf, one of the first things we are taught about the game is that it is not a sport where you compete against your fellow players, whether you’re playing for fun or money. Rather, your only opponent in a round of golf is the course itself.

That is exactly what makes the US Open viewing experience unique to the golf world. The US Open, being the toughest test in golf, where the USGA sets the course up specifically to be as challenging as they can make it, gives us all an opportunity to sit back and root for the course, in this case Wisconsin’s Erin Hills.

This week, the US Open host course is intimidating, with bad weather in the forecast and a links style layout that means a lot of tall fescue in play. Kevin Na pointed out this week that, without benefit of a spotter or a field of television cameras, it’s near-impossible to find a ball that goes into the tall grass.

Meanwhile, Rory McIlroy pointed out that Erin Hills has the widest fairways in US Open history and if you’re hitting drives into the fescue this is a tournament specifically designed to make you pay for it.

This is what separates the US Open from the other majors. The Masters is a display of one club that cannot get enough of itself, gorgeous scenery, and tradition. The Open Championship often winds up a tale of man against the elements, with knockdown shots and long sleeves typically winning the day. The PGA Championship is often more of a shootout, the best of the best playing at a course that brings out their full talent. That leaves the US Open, the true test of golfer and golf course.

US Open Live: Erin Hills has a lot going for it to make the golf watcher want to root for the track. First and foremost, it’s a public course, and those of us who believe firmly that the US Open belongs on public golf courses are more than happy to celebrate it. It’s one of the youngest courses to ever host the US Open, having only been in existence for eleven years. Second, it looks like this: US Open Golf 2017, US Open Golf 2017 live, US Golf Open 2017, US Open Golf, US open championship 2017, US Open 2017, US Open 2017, start time, leaderboard, & results.

“First responders were quick to arrive at the scene and the pilot is currently being treated for unknown injuries,” a statement said.

“No other people were involved in the incident and local law enforcement is currently investigation.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the pilot at this time.”

Most weeks on Tour, the winning score is in red double digits. During the non-major events, players can go extremely low, and the winners look barely challenged by the courses they play on. During the US Open, the courses fight back in a big way, bringing the field back down to Earth with a thud.

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